How to Properly Wax your Hyundai in San Antonio

When it comes to the hot Texas heat and keeping your car’s paint shining like new, a good waxing will go a long way! Though, waxing can sometimes be a chore, it will be worth it in the end to protect your car’s paint. At World Car Hyundai North, we’ve got some great tips on how to properly wax your car to protect it from the San Antonio heat.


Why Wax? 

  • Makes your car look brand new again
  • Protection from harmful chemicals in the air
  • Makes for easy washing
  • Prevents your paint from chipping or fading
  • Fills in scratches


Prepping Your Car

  • Wash and dry your car to assure the surface is clean and free of dirt and the wax will last longer
  • The best time to wash is when the temperature is between 55-85 degrees
  • Use a clean dry cloth
  • Wax in a shaded area


  • Use about a silver-dollar size amount for a 2X2 ft section
  • Apply the wax to a damp sponge and in layer on the car
  • Always wax in a circular motion
  • Keep sections small and don’t let the wax get too thin
  • Let the wax dry before buffing
  • After buffing use a microfiber cloth to remove the wax


If you want the maximum shine, we recommend waxing your car twice and also washing regularly for a lasting shine. At World Car Hyundai North, we also recommend waxing your car at least every three to six months. Just by making sure to wash and wax your car regularly can extend the life of your car by years.


If your car needs a little more TLC, bring it in to our service department at World Car Hyundai North in San Antonio and our staff will get you fixed up. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade to your car, we have plenty of new and used inventory to choose from. Call us if you have any questions!

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