Hyundai Forecast: Cloudy with a Silver Lining

We realize that some folks enjoy the smell of gasoline while they refuel, but Hyundai has something that will make you forget all about that automotive aromatherapy. In fact, the all-new 2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell will have you riding on cloud nine – figuratively AND literally.

Hyundai just released the Tucson Fuel Cell, the first-ever hydrogen fuel-cell crossover, which converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity to power an electric motor to give you a silent, smooth ride. The only emissions? Water vapor – the very same stuff that makes those heavenly white puffballs.

These clouds are great, right? Actually, they’re better than great, thanks to their bonus silver lining. In addition to eliminating harmful emissions, they also cut American dependence on foreign fuel. Like electricity, hydrogen fuel can be made right here in America. But unlike electric cars, hydrogen cars are much faster at the pump. Rather than having to plug in your vehicle overnight, you can fill it up at a hydrogen station in under 10 minutes – about the same amount of time you’d spend at a gas station. Plus, no B.Y.O.O. – Bring Your Own Outlet.

Even long distances can’t rain on your parade when you’re riding in the Tucson, as it has a 265-mile range before needing refueling. Even better? For now, fill-ups are on Hyundai – you just have to find a hydrogen station... Which brings us to the not-so-fab news: Currently, almost all hydrogen stations are in California, so for now, Tucson Fuel Cells are only available in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. But what you can do immediately is tell Hyundai you’re interested in one so that we can spur on an eastward expansion.

So, let’s begin our own American countdown with a new catchphrase: Keep your head in the clouds and keep reaching for the (zero-emissions) cars.

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