Hyundai Hope on Wheels Program

Hyundai Hope on Wheels is proud to celebrate their 16th year of the program. This program was designed to help kids fight cancer and over 820 Hyundai dealers and customers support this great cause.


The Hyundai Hope on Wheels program began in 1998. It is a national independent nonprofit organization that strives to raise money to benefit pediatric cancer research. They have transformed the lives of so many children across the nation and plan to continue to raise money to transform even more.


Every time a new Hyundai vehicle is sold a portion of the money is donated to cancer research. So far, more than $74,000,000 has been donated.


You may have seen the white Hyundai Santa Fe Sport with colorful handprints on it traveling across the country, but what is significant about this car? Hyundai created a clinical grant program in 2006 where they travel to hospitals across the U.S. to donate money and raise awareness. A “Handprint Ceremony” takes place, where the children color their hands and each handprint is placed on the Hyundai cars that travel across the U.S. raising awareness.


The handprints signify how each child is different in their own way, whether they are celebrating new hair or becoming cancer free, this symbolizes hope, because nothing is more personal than a handprint.


The newest addition to the Hyundai programs is dedicating an entire month to promote cancer awareness. National Childhood Cancer Awareness month is promoted every September. With the new grant, Hyundai Hope Scholar Grant, recipients earn a two-year $250,00 award. These grants are used to fund numerous research projects in hopes to discover new treatments for children.


You can help children fight cancer just by purchasing a new Hyundai. View our Hyundai inventory now, or contact us for more information about the Hope on Wheels program. Visit us at World Car Hyundai North in San Antonio if you would like to test drive a new Hyundai today.

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