Hyundai ‘15s: Power, Safety, Technology

2015 isn’t a big year of changes for Hyundai. Most of the models went through small tweaks, but carried over the same features as the 2014 editions. Design, technology, and equipment changes were made in the 2015 models, but no large overhauls or discontinuations.

New paint options are available for the 2015 Elantra to keep the car looking classy. Shimmering Silver and Pearl White are out; Symphony Silver and Quartz White Pearl are in. To the untrained eye, the new shades of gray and silver look the same as the previous models, but make no mistake: Saying that your car is Symphony Silver sounds way more legit.

The 2015 Genesis has the same high luxury for a low cost as its 2014 edition, but improved sensory surround safety features will keep you and your passengers safe in a variety of conditions. Like a parent, the car has eyes in the back of its head with Blind Spot Detection and the nagging reminders of Lane Changing Warnings. It also gives you extra reassurance that you will stop on a dime with automatic breaks and an audible and visual warning when someone is close behind you with Rear Cross Traffic alerts. The latest model was given a five-star safety rating from The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and named the 2014 Car of Texas by the Texas Auto Writers Association.

In previous years, Hyundai models have come with the Hyundai Assurance Car Care mobile app compatibility. The app was designed to help owners schedule maintenance care at their local dealerships and interact with the owner’s manual. The 2015 Sonata is the first model from the brand to feature the app on the vehicle’s eight-inch touch screen monitor. Don’t worry about keeping an eye out for recalls, warranty notices, or maintenance; this car will be able to take care of it for you.

Improvements to the powertrain and performance of the 2015 Genesis Coupe are probably the biggest changes coming from Hyundai. The powertrain refers to the parts of the car that generate power and how they handle of various road surfaces. The ‘14 Coupe came with a four-cylinder powertrain and was available in a Grand Touring model, which featured a V6 3.8 L engine. A V6 or V8 will now come under the hoods of all 2015 Genesis Coupes, resulting in more get-up-and-go as well. The new sports-tuned suspension will also give the car better handling and make it easier to drive.

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