There is a 13-year-old girl in Houston named Stephanie who doesn’t get to see her dad for long periods of time. The reason why: he’s an astronaut who lives and works on the International Space Station. Because she misses him so much, Stephanie wanted to show her love for her dad in a way that was out of this world. And with the help of Hyundai, she was able to do just that.

Hyundai launched A Message To Space, a campaign designed to create a message large enough to see from Space. The campaign is part of the brand’s “New Thinking” approach, designed to connect the most distant of families and show how cars can be not only a method of transportation but also a lifetime partner to consumers.

Creating the Message

The message simply reads “Steph hearts you!” But creating it was far from easy and involved teams from Hyundai’s offices in Korea, Los Angeles, and across Europe. The designers wanted the message to look like Stephanie’s handwriting, withstand the weather elements, and make sure it was indeed large enough to be seen from space.

That’s when the team found the Delamar Dry Lake area in Nevada. There was more than enough space to create the large message, and it had the best weather and terrain conditions for them to lay it out using satellite and GPS systems, which also helped the stunt drivers know exactly where to drive.

And the best car to use for this project ended up being the Hyundai Genesis. The team relied on the vehicle’s reputation for having precise handling, proven powertrain, outstanding engine performance, and excellent driving stability. It was also able to handle the heat and terrain of the area.

“Although sending a message to space with our Genesis cars was not an easy challenge, it enabled us to demonstrate our caring vision to our customers,” said Scott Noh, Hyundai’s Head of Overseas Marketing, in a press release about the project. “Keeping in line with Hyundai’s corporate vision of being a lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond, the campaign highlights our philosophy of caring for customers through emotional interaction and becoming a brand beyond simply a means of transportation.”

And while connecting the teenager to her father on such a grand scale, Hyundai happened to set a world record. The brand now holds the Guinness World Record for the largest tire track image ever. The art measured 5.55 square kilometers, which workers behind the scenes said is about double the size of New York’s Central Park.

“I’m happy that he could see it and know that we’re thinking about him back home,” Stephanie said in the viral video. “He’s seen so many amazing things up there, but I hope this message was the most special.”

Send Your Message

Hyundai may not be able to create a special message for you in the Nevada desert, but the manufacturer can help you digitally send a note that looks similar to Stephanie’s. And you can win prizes at the same time. Between now and May 17, you can win an iPad Air2 or iPhone 6 when you create an account and send a message to a special someone here.

If you could send a message to space, what would it be? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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