Rolling in Bling: The Latest in Auto Opulence

Dreaming is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to luxury or high-end cars with starlight headliners, automatic parking, and other outrageous features we never knew we needed. The luxury ride may not be as far out of reach as you may think. While the brand new, all-inclusive vehicle may be out of the question, aftermarket accessories can transform your current ride from drab to fab.

Spinning rims are soooo two minutes ago. Diamond-encrusted rims are quite of-the-moment amongst the Kanye set, and Asanti is one of the most notable designers and crafters of this luxury item. For a set of four rims, you will need a mere $1 million. Don’t feel like you’re getting enough bang for your buck? Asanti will throw in a Bentley GT Coupe as well as a year of guard service to make sure that no one swipes your rims. If diamonds are not your best friend, you can request another jewel (emeralds, rubies, sapphires, etc.) for no additional cost.

If you are tired of looking at the bars that support your headrest, we have a solution for you. Headrest bracelets will hide those unsightly headrest shafts – seriously, eww – and give them a bling-tastic style. Each $40 set comes with two chrome-coated aluminum bracelets that have crystallized Swarovski elements. Installation is complication-free and they will work with almost any car. Garson, the manufacturers of these bling-lets, also craft pieces to give everything in your car, from air vents to lock-knobs, a dazzling sparkle.

Opening your car doors in the traditional fashion is no longer acceptable or luxurious. The Lambo/Butterfly doors are now the cool way to get in and out of your car. There is no need to rub pennies together until enough money appears for a Lamborghini Aventador. Kits are available for you to personally install the fancy doors on your vehicle of choice, all for about $650. Don’t worry about feeling tacky. We found all types of vehicles with these doors!

Hate having to take your hands off the wheel to adjust your windshield wipers every few minutes? There’s no need for your frustrations to continue thanks to Rain Tracker’s rain-sensing windshield wipers. In rain, sleet, and snow, the wipers will sense the precipitation and adjust the speed on their own as the weather gets better or worse. The wipers cost $99.95 and are compatible with almost all cars, trucks, and vans. Rain or shine, your windshield will be awash in luxury.

This is really nothing more than a glorified refrigerator in your car, but we all know that the luxurious really keep a bottle of Cristal in their Rolls Royces for those unexpected emergencies. Small refrigerators/coolers are available for any car (for roughly $40, give or take), and they can plug into a cigarette lighter or power adaptor to keep cool. Now, there is no need to stop at the overpriced convenience stores for drinks and snacks. Plus, you can chill more Lone Stars and Shiners for college football tailgating!

You don’t have to own a Bentley to have a personal driver. Hire anyone you want to drive you around and make you feel like you’re living high on the hog from the back seat. And as long as they’re paid a livable wage – typically about $22,800 per year – we’re sure that your chauffer would be happy to speak in a British accent.

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