Hyundai How-To's

Do you have questions about your Hyundai?  Questions like, "How do I pair my phone's Bluetooth so I can make a hands free call or send a text message by voice command?", or "How do I set up my BlueLink?"  Did you know that you can set up a maintenance appointment for your Hyundai at your dealer of choice through your BlueLink?  Maybe you need to know how to use your tire mobility kit?  Or maybe you're wondering just how remote access from your phone integrates with Google or Alexa? (Because it's just cool to be able to turn on your heat on a cold day, or air on a hot day, by remote access when your inside your house?)  Are you a concerned parent who is interested in knowing more about and how to set up the Geo-fencing, Curfew, and or Speed Alert's on your Hyundai for your child's safety? Well look no further.  Find and or review 'How-To' Videos that are universal or model specific!